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Started by Sue Moran, June 22, 2020, 10:00:59 AM

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Sue Moran

Good morning
My school has 3 different times when a teacher can have lunch. I need to ensure that each teachers does have lunch. I have timetabled an activity with subject lunch with time constraints and minimum 1 day between and this works for the first teacher. I have 80 teachers. Do I need to do the same for each. Is there a better way? Can I duplicate the first activity then change the teacher name?
Thanks  :)

Liviu Lalescu


This is the only way.

You might create a CSV activities file and import it over your file. But this might also be time consuming.

Volker Dirr

An other variant might be using constraint teachers work in an hourly intervall max per week. If you do that each day for the 3 hours, then you need to add in total as many constraints as you have days per week.
But be careful, since min and max gaps constraint, free days constraint and also min and max hours constraints will count now a bit different, since "lunch" isn't an activity anymore. That has advantages and disadvantages. Just think about it.

Sue Moran

Liviu Lalescu