I need help to use TITITO

Started by saladv, September 14, 2020, 06:13:43 AM

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I had created timetable on FET MA.
But i want to show teacher timetable in Titito.
I do not use it to show that.
Please help me step by step.
Thanks you very much

Volker Dirr

I am not sure if I understand your request exactly.
You only want to show/export teacher timetable?

Start TiTiTo and import the generated FET timetable from the fet-results directory:
TiTiTo -> Settings -> Timetables -> Import FET MA file

If you want to do substitution planing you you also should set the correct validity dates in the menu.
Also get day correct here:
TiTiTo -> Settings -> Days per Week

Now you can view the tables:
TiTiTo -> Timetable -> Teachers

Or you can export them:
TiTiTo -> Timetable -> Export

Please let me know.

lakhdar bezzit

There are actually difficulties in learning a lot to use titito, despite its ease
Especially what I have noticed in the timetables completion forums in Algeria and many do not know or are ignorant of its use. That is why Mr. Volker suggested that you make an explanatory support in the video or pictures, and the suggestion of those who express it will have an echo and publicity for this good program, especially among fet users in Algeria.
Thank you for all your good work, you and your friend Livio

Volker Dirr

OK. I wrote it into my TODO.
Sadly I can work on this only during my spare time.
But my plan is to implement some new features before updating the manual. Currently there is only an older manual available. You can find a PDF -file with an very small manual in the main directory of TiTiTo. The file name is "manual(.pdf)".


good  day  Mr Volker
i have  a  quetion please
can  i  use  titito  to  modifie the tame tible after generat withe  fet
tel  me  how do  it
yhank you

Volker Dirr