Thank You, and Thank You for Your Support of the FSF Principles!

Started by Darren McDonald, March 12, 2021, 02:55:35 AM

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Darren McDonald

Many FET users may not have noticed a slight change in the FET main page (I didn't!), which now includes a link to the Free Software Foundation's principles (see here). I myself wasn't aware of the distinction between the principles that distinguish open source software from free software (that's "free" in the sense of freedom), and I think it's worth understanding that distinction.

It's clear that there is an international community of FET users who benefit from Liviu and Volker having decided to adopt the FSF principles in making FET so readily available to us all. Without their support of those principles, we wouldn't have this great software to help us create our timetables, so thank you Liviu and Volker!

Also, if you or your institution is able to help support this great software, please do consider making a donation!

Liviu Lalescu