generate dates for longer periods

Started by ncabello, October 20, 2021, 01:25:29 AM

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We work during the year on diferent projects with diferent groups/periods of students. We recently start managing our teachers shedule with FET. In our case we create a "week"  from day1 to day 100. Then on that period we add activities and diferent groups and projects as they come.
Since we  configure a period from  day1 to day100, we must translate (for example) day1=5/10,  day2 =6/10 and so on. It would we great if one could set starting date and ending date, for example  5/oct/2021 - 12/jan/2022 and also to select wich days of the week to include that would be excelent.

PD: Thank you very much for this awesome software, apreciate the effort

Liviu Lalescu

So, this is only concerning the interface? To save the time to input the name of each day?

I will add this in the TODO list. Thank you for the suggestion!

Thank you for the appreciation!  :)