minimum gaps between an ordered pair of activity tags - equal tags allowed ?

Started by uni_instructor, December 08, 2021, 12:26:41 PM

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Dear Liviu,

the set of activity-tag related planning constraints appear to be a reasonable addon for optimized plannings.

I defined different activity tags (short, middle, long) for a selection of activities of different duration.

The constraint  "A students set must respect the minimum gaps between an ordered pair of activity tags" is quite useful if I want to avoid certain activity sequences (eg. middle- duration, long-duration and reverse) without any pause in between.
The current version of FET (6.2.4) does not allow to set the constraint with pairs of equal activity tags (e.g. long, long or middle, middle  duration).
Why do they have to be different?

Regards UI

Liviu Lalescu

Hello, Dear UI,

This constraint was added at the request of users. They suggested that for instance chemistry should not come immediately after sport for students (or this was also a feature in a competing program). I never thought of your kind of usage.

But I have a solution for you using the present-state FET: The constraint min gaps between activities. The bad point is that you need to add a filter (students and tag) and all the activities for them in the constraint.

Please let me know if it is OK.


Dear Liviu

thank you for your suggested workaround. :)
I will give it a try.



Liviu Lalescu

Liviu Lalescu

Dear UI,

I added a new constraint for what you need. Please see snapshots here: , and please let me know if it works.

Liviu Lalescu

Dear UI,

The new official FET-6.2.5 version is released. Thank you for your suggestions!