Set default tags when adding a new activity

Started by uni_instructor, February 25, 2022, 08:57:15 AM

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Dear Liviu,

yesterday I had an idea concerning the activity-tags:
When I create new activities I have to add some standard-tags in the majority of all cases.
That task causes many additional mouse clicking.  :(

It would be a real help if I could pre-define a set of default tags that will be added automatically when an new activity is opened for editing. At least a kind of "Add default tags"-button in the "Add activity"-dialog would be helpful. The default-tags to be added can be defined/changed in the "Activity tags" dialog.
As I see there already exist two "Printable/Not printable" buttons for activity-tags.
Adding two "Set as default / Set as no-default"-buttons would fit well into the "Activity tags" dialog window.

Best regards


Liviu Lalescu

Dear UI,

In a way, I understand the suggestion. However, in my opinion it might complicate things for the normal users.

When you enter the Add activity dialog, you can add more activities at once, and the tags are not lost.

I will add this suggestion in the TODO for now. As I said, I do not quite like it, but the discussion is opened.

Darren McDonald

An easy way to achieve the same result would be to create your activities in a csv file, then import your activities.

I don't know if you've used the csv import/export options, but to get started (if you've already been using FET), just export your current data and have a look at the structure of the activities csv file.