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Printing reports

Started by Andrés Chandía, July 07, 2022, 11:11:02 AM

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Andrés Chandía

Hi Liviu, long time not posting, I hope you're ok...

I've been working in the automation of dumping data from the uni applications into fet, all good.
As you know our time tables are really intricate with more than 300 activities, so some times we need to enable/disable time or place for many activities in order to generate. So, my question is, it would be possible to incorporate a printing option in time and place that could print a report (or generate a csv) of "enabled/disabled" activities?

Or Maybe not a printing option but a visualization option: display active/non-active constraints...

Or both: printing/displaying

That's it, thanks again for your wonderful work!!

Andrés Chandía

I was thinking that maybe in the filter section it could be added a filter by active/non active

Liviu Lalescu

Hello, Andres,

Starting with FET-6.8.0, there is an advanced filter in the activities which I hope does exactly what you need.