Put FET window on top when the generation is successful

Started by infoo_, February 16, 2023, 12:12:08 AM

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I work on Windows. While FET is generating a timetable I am on other apps, thus FET windows is not on top.

If the generation takes too long, sometimes I left the computer and do other things, and FET windows is not on top.

It also happens that I put music and I don't hear the pop up song that FET plays when the generation ends.

So it would be great if FET, after a generation is successful, could be brought to the top of any open window in Windows, or at least put the alert in orange on the taskbar (see image)

This would save me having to wait unnecessary time, and thus be able to continue working with FET more quickly.

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Maybe test what happens if there is more than 1 running instance of FET on the computer (if those instances are generating / not generating).


Liviu Lalescu


I would prefer not to interfere with the default arrangement of the windows. On my openSUSE GNU/Linux the FET window pops up, so the behavior is operating system dependent.

But I am sure there is something you can use: in the settings you can activate a custom command that FET executes on success.