A subject for a year should have various starttime

Started by gesamtschule, September 28, 2008, 10:25:10 AM

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One criteria which makes a timetable good or bad was that a subject for a year, i.e. math 5. year, should not be always at 1st hour of day. It would be nice if this will become the default behavior of the program to that it not necessary to define to much constraints.

Liviu Lalescu

Please use constraint subactivities preferred starting times (or time slots), for component 1 (or other component), not allowed on the first hour.

Volker Dirr

By doing many table so far, i suggest to do it a little bit different.
the problem is not "always the first hour". The problem is "always at period 5 and/or 6".

So if you have a 4 periods per week, please use that constraint, but define:
a) the first splited subactivities are between period 1 to 4.
b) the second split subactivities are between period 1 to 4.

If you Table is still solveable and you added all other constraints, then you can think about limiting that more. (Maybe a) only from 1 to 3. Maybe add c) with 1 to 5. Maybe b) only from 2 to 4. Maybe ... like you want.)