How to fix 2 days for a teacher working on 3 days?

Started by giusai, August 10, 2023, 06:32:57 PM

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Hi all,
always all congratulations and tanks for this program and this forum!
Please, give me ideas about the following problem:
I have a teacher working on 3 days: tuesday and thursday fixed, and a casual another one...
I'm not able to arrange constraints...  :-\   
Many thanks for the suggestions!

Volker Dirr

I am not sure which variant is faster. I think variant 2 is the best.

variant 1)
Does the teacher have got an activity that is split in 3 parts?
In that case just use 2 constraints. Allow the first subactivity only tuesday and the 2nd subactivity only thursday. Then add a constraint max 3 days per week for the teacher.

variant 2)
this variant will work always. Add a constraint max 3 days per week for the teacher.
Add a contraint "a set of activities occupy min time slots from a selection."
set value 1. select all activities of that teacher and select tuesday.
add this constraint a second time, but this time select thursday.

variant 3)
maybe just add a pseudo activity in the last hour of that day on tuesday and thursday (be carefull, since you might have problems with gaps, max hours per day and you might need to add an extra hour for all days. so you might need to disallow the other hours.


Many many thanks..
For my case it seems the first option is faster..