modifie timetables using titito after genaration with fet

Started by khelifi, August 16, 2023, 01:48:25 PM

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MR volker
thank you for  your  programme titito
 if  you want to product  the 32 bts 
and i have a quation
 can i  use it to change somme activitis for the teachers  or  students after genaration bay fet
thank you

Volker Dirr

I sadly don't understand your first sentence.

But you can modify the timetable in TiTiTo.

There are different variants possible.
You can modify it here:
TiTiTo -> Activities -> Plan Activities
TiTiTo -> Activities -> Plan Activities 2
TiTiTo -> Activities -> Schedule Students (2)
TiTiTo -> Activities -> Schedule Teachers (2)
TiTiTo -> Activities -> Schedule Rooms (2)

Maybe also have a look here:
The old variant (this variant is still possible if you prefer this variant)

The new variant (it also allows to place if there are room or students conflicts and it even easier to use then the "old" variant.)


thank you very much
With regard to the first question, can we get the 32-bit version of the application instead of the 64-bit version?
- Does application take into account during the process of changing the activities in the timetable for the teacher or the cohorts? Does it take into account the availability of the teaching room?
In fact, would you kindly explain in detail how to make changes to the activities in the professor's timetable or the student cohort?
Thank you all


Really, your program is excellent
If you would kindly explain to us how to use it
a question
Is it possible to include in the program a model for an educational institution to print tables?
For example, a form that is created in PDF or world format
thank you

Volker Dirr

All TiTiTo versions up to 7.9.7 are 32 bit. So 32 bit users must use the "old" 7.9.7.
All TiTiTo versions from 8.0.0 are 64 bit.

I am not sure about your second question. You are talking about manual sheduling / manual modifing activities?
TiTiTo care about available times of the teachers, students and rooms. So it cares only about the basic FET constraints (time + space).
TiTiTo doesn't care about for the other FET constraints. So for example it doesn't care about gap or max hours constraints. You need to care about that yourself.

I must admit that TiTiTo wasn't designed to schedule a full timetable manualy. It was only designed to do a few changes manualy faster and easier then with FET.

There is a very small manual in the windows executable. Just look into the directory "README". There is a file called "manual.pdf". I think i will do some YouTube Videos, but i saidly haven't enough time for this at the moment. So don't expect them in the next weeks.

You can import all the exported html-files of TiTiTo with Word. Also LibreOffice Writer, Apple Pages and google Docs can import these html-files.

If you want pdf files, then don't use the "export" feature in TiTiTo. In that case please "print" with TiTiTo. If you "print", then most operating systems ask you where to print and there you can not only select a "normal" printer, you can also select "Print pdf to file" (Or something like that).



MR  VOLKER you seed

 I think i will do some YouTube Videos.

it s a good edear  i weat for this

i thank you so much

Volker Dirr

Thank you very much Mr Khelifi.

Please let us know as soon as you uploaded videos. We like to see your links here.