problem with the horizontal scroll bar

Started by YOUSSEF HOUIET, August 18, 2023, 02:30:50 PM

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Hello my friend, I hope you are fine

when using the Arabic language interface in fet, there is a problem with the horizontal scroll bar in the  time horizontal  windows for teachers and students and rooms

Volker Dirr

Can you please attach a screenshot (or video) and/or tell us a bit more detailed what the problem exactly is? Thank you!


I don't know if all users have the same problem, the buttons of the horizontal scroll bar are reversed, when you click on the right direction button the content scrolls to the left, and vice versa.  here is a link to a scren record

Volker Dirr

ahh... funny bug.
Can you please keep your video link alive?
Because i don't know how we can fix it and i must ask the Qt guys. So i like to show them your video. Is it ok, if i write a Qt bug report with your video?


Volker Dirr

Thank you very much. It is sadly a Qt bug.
I already know that it was correct with Qt 5.
I also saw Qt 6.5 is wrong.

Do you remember when you saw this bug the first time in FET? Wich version was it?
(Must be between 17 April 2021, FET 6.0.0 and the latest FET version)

Please keep your video link until the bug is fixed.

As a workaround please don't start the default FET version.
Please start fet-fusion or fet-windows if you are a windows user.


I'll keep the link, this video is for an simple file you can republish it without any worries

I detect this bug in this latest version 6.9.5, and I download the old versions and I see that it appears in the version 6.9.1

I run fet-fusion and fet-windows, the problem does not appear.

Volker Dirr

Thank you for report. The Qt guys already wrote a patch.
So i hope it will be release with the next Qt version. So hopefuly in around 1 month.

You can see more information here:

I think your video is no longer needed. I think you can remove it, since they added a small sample file. (Coders like such a small sample file more then a video).

Thank you very much! Maybe you can report in the arabic forum the trick that you should use fusion or windows style? My arabic is sadly to bad.


thank you
yes I posted the trick in the arabic forum