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LaTeX output

Started by Zsolt Udvari, January 04, 2009, 12:42:33 PM

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Zsolt Udvari

I don't know, do you know about LaTeX. Imho it would be very good to produce LaTeX output. Maybe the Schedule package would be useful.

Volker Dirr

Yes, i know LaTeX, because i also use it sometimes.

All packages i knew so far are not able to use a colspan or rowspan, but the schedule package can do it. Nice.

1. It is not possible to print all tables with the schedule package, because sometimes there are several activities in a single cell. The schedule package hasn't a command to care about that. Also the chedule package only know a five day and a seven day week. So i can't use it. I need an other package. Maybe someone know a better one?

2. How many other guys knows LaTeX? I fear i will work around one week for that feature and only a few guys know how to use it.

Zsolt Udvari

1. Later (few months) I'll check it. (After hungarian translation.)
2. I don't know. I hate excel and similars, and for me is hard to work with them. In LaTeX+vim would be much better ;)

Volker Dirr

There is a book that only contain information about doing tables with latex (200 pages).

Maybe you find a usefull package in that book.

It's sadly only available in German language. I am German, but i don't have that book.

I will not buy it, because:
1. I think there are not enough people that will use that feature
2. Maybe there is no usefull package in the book.

Maybe you view the table of contents of that book (compare previous link) and check all packages (manualy).


please see lyx program (GPL), it's very easy and useful:

Volker Dirr

I know latex and i can even use it without lyx. i already wrote several latex documents.

latex is like html an mark up language. i don't have problems with that, but think about normal users:
even html is a much easier language then latex, many users don't know how to use it and always want to use an office software like openOffice or Word, even it is not very clever to do that.

If someone spend me the money for the book, then i will check if there is a usefull package to do an latex output. but i can't promise anything. i already have some other latex books, but in all that common books is no usefull package, because there are always some problems that are only possible to solve with html, not with latex.

the problem is, that i need a package that support span and adding several activities in a single cell easly. i know it can be computed manualy with latex, but that is to complex. i will do that only if there is a easy to use package that is not much more difficult to use then the html table command.


I came across the same need. A LaTeX output of the schedules.

I think that I can provide a template for making tables as the html output but, due to lack of time "slots", I would need contribution of adding this functionality (well, the parsing from the html to latex).

I can help though by suggesting solutions to the parsing.