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Started by Chafik Graiguer, February 17, 2009, 03:06:33 PM

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Chafik Graiguer

Hello Liviu
I read about the latest version
Good improvement:
QuoteAdded constraints teacher(s) or students (set) activity tag max hours continuously (to specify that a teacher or a students set must have maximum n hours continuously for an activity tag)
Can I hope that a "Minimum hours continuously" constraint can be implemented !!?
I still would like to use Standart FET version for morrocan school
i n the meantime, can you exlpain me how to compile standart version sources to make it 2N days version ?

Liviu Lalescu

Unfortunately, a min hours continuously is not possible in my opinion.

To compile latest FET for your school, it is difficult. You need to get from your version the files generate_alfaromeo.cpp and generate_pre_alfaromeo.cpp, compare them with the latest generate.cpp and generate_pre.cpp and add the new code into your files (generate_alfaromeo.cpp and generate_pre_alfaromeo.cpp). You can use the kdiff3 program to see the differences.

After that, add these 2 files (with _alfaromeo) instead of the official ones (without _alfaromeo) and in src/interface/ modify the names of these files. Also, search for string "5.9.0" and put "5.9.0-alfaromeo" (there are 2 places) and rename fet-5.9.0 to fet-5.9.0-alfaromeo.

It is not easy.

Chafik Graiguer

I hope I have got the idea:
I have fet-5_6_4-alfaromeo.exe
so I have to compare the source codes for this version with sources code from official version fet-5_6_4.exe
Is this exact !!!?

Liviu Lalescu

You need to compare the tar.bz2 (sources). Yes, this is exactly what I told you - I remember that I only changed generate.cpp to generate_alfaromeo.cpp and changed small parts and the same for generate_pre.cpp -> generate_pre_alfaromeo.cpp.