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Started by Bobby Wise, January 09, 2009, 02:17:32 PM

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Bobby Wise

Hi, would it be possible to have an additional page break inserted after every day when printing all_activities_timetable_time_vertical?

Thanks for a great program

Best of 2009 for everyone

Liviu Lalescu

Let us wait for Volker to answer this, he is in charge with that.

May I remove your latest suggestion from the Guestbook? This is to keep the Guestbook only with appreciation of FET and not suggestions.

Bobby Wise

Volker Dirr

If you need it now, you can do manualy:

Just open the all_activities_timetable_time_vertical file with an editor.

search lines like this:
<th rowspan="8">M<br />o<br />n<br />d<br />a<br />y<br /></th>

So search line that contain the name of the day. All characters of the dayname end with an <br />.
just edit the <tr> in the line before the name of the day. so it should look like this:

<tr class="day" >
<th rowspan="8">M<br />o<br />n<br />d<br />a<br />y<br /></th>

So you need to change as many lines as you have days per week. (so i guess you only need to change 5 lines.) (You don't need to do it with the first day monday, but it is not bad if you also do it with the first day, you just get an empty page at the beginning.)

Then open the stylesheet.css with an editor.
just add this:{
page-break-before: always;

Bobby Wise

Volker Dirr

The new snapshot can also split days automatically. compare fet->settings.
please check the new snapshot.

Liviu Lalescu