Students time constraints - max gaps per day

Started by catalin, April 06, 2009, 05:18:56 PM

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I would also find this constraint useful: max gaps per day for a students set

Thanks you,

Liviu Lalescu

Yes, also Horatiu suggested it.

Did you read the global announcement? I need test files, unfortunately I don't have enough.

I worked on this constraint, it is ready.

This constraint involved re-writing of the most important of the students' constraints.

I found in different stages some very critical bugs. These bugs were found with the help of 3-4 test files. For one test file (very difficult) FET did not solve it anymore. I solved this bug and now the file is solved.

But I fear that for other possible files the FET 5.9.x works and 5.10.x (the new version with this constraint) does not work. That is why I am very reluctant to releasing it.

I am currently testing it, so that the time for 5.9.x and 5.10.x is similar. Everything looks OK so far, but I fear of unseen bugs. The new code is more complicated than the old one, this is the reason why bugs appear.

The link to the working constraint students (set) max gaps per days is: (for now). You have only the tar.bz2 variant, I hope you can try to compile it (it is not very difficult). You can also ask Horatiu for help, he did that and he is in the same position as you on Timisoara Fac. Economics.

Unfortunately, this version has not the new activity tag preferred room(s) constraint.

Liviu Lalescu

Please tell me, do you understand that a gap is only a hour, and a larger free period of 3 hours is 3 gaps? The constraint of max gaps per day might be useless for you if you are allowed to have say a 6 hours free period continuously, but not a larger free period of 6 gaps split into 2 or 3 periods.