Catalan translation of the FET manual

Started by Joan de Gracia, June 14, 2009, 12:38:25 AM

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Joan de Gracia

Liviu Lalescu

Thank you! Great work.

I'll add it, but please add your name as a translator. At the beginning, write "Translated into Catalan by Joan de Gracia" or something equivalent. Add this in the same way as my name and Volker's name. At the end, add also your name, after Volker's name, as a translator.

Maybe you can also send me the archived manual, with a name you prefer me to add in the FET doc directory.

Also, maybe you are interested into translating FET, because the Catalan translation is very old. You can continue the current work or begin from scratch.

Volker Dirr

Wow. Pretty much work.
thank you for that work.

i saw you used version 0.7a
sometimes i update the manual. if you want to update the translation someday. then you need to know what is changed.
you can check it pretty easy with kdiff3. please get it from here:

then you just load the last english version you translated and the latest english version. kdiff3 now show you the differences between that two versions. so you can update the translation easier.

i put old translations into the zip archive.

if you find misstakes in the english version or if you have some suggestions to the manual please tell me.

Liviu Lalescu

Please add the information as I asked you and send me all the document, with all the pictures. Currently, the pictures are not functioning. Please follow the model in the fet-x.x.x/doc/manual/ directory (you may change the name of the main html file and the files, but I prefer the name of the main html file to be more suggestive - also please use latin characters).

I hope you can do that fast, because I intend to release a new version soon.

Also, put the time of the last modification of the translation.