Multiple selections in constraint qtXtable

Started by Corfiot, August 24, 2009, 11:30:33 PM

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As a FET user I spend most of my time inputting preferences for teachers and preferred activity starting times. If a teacher says something like 'I want to teach only after 15:00 for all days' and I am doing an examination timetable (week length = 3 weeks) I have to single click over 100 times.

So I recommend we enable a way to select an area in the table and toggle the contents. For example we can have a
  • , [-] and [Toggle] buttons that are enabled only when more than one table cell is selected. In addition, I'd set 'toggle' to the right mouse button click to speed things up.

    I actually think I can implement this myself.
    Opinions please?

Liviu Lalescu

Did you see that you can click on a table header to toggle all column or row? This was done I think in version 5.10.0 and up.


Well, paint me blue and call me a smurf. I hadn't noticed.