Incorrect directory name encoding

Started by Alex Chernous, March 03, 2024, 12:51:50 PM

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Liviu Lalescu

@Volker Dirr , 'Settings > Restore default settings' clears almost everything, but when you exit FET properly it will write a few default settings there.

Would you like to add your suggestion in the TODO?

Volker Dirr

Yes. Maybe.
How to call that exetuable "uninstall".
Then it just tells you that you need to delete the working directory, the fet directory (but it shouldn't delete it. The human should do it, also because it can't remove itself) and it should ask if the settings should be cleared.
hmm... In fact this is only true for windows. hmm...

Alex Chernous

Can do the same with configuration files as with a history file. If the version is out of date or format change, create a new file?

Liviu Lalescu

It is unnecessary in my opinion. It is comparable with loading a fet file with newer FET and saving it - the old FET might not always open it correctly.

The main options are there, only some characters are maybe wrong, but easily correctable.

But I will add your suggestion in the TODO.

Liviu Lalescu

By the way, @Alex Chernous , do you like the additions since FET-6.11.0? Including adding constraints for all the teachers with one click, the history (in FET and on the disk), the fet file auto save option, multiple selection in activities / all time/space constraints dialogs, not available times time horizontal, max room/building changes per day in hourly interval, and students/teachers max hours daily in hourly interval? Do you use any of these?

Alex Chernous

Of course, the additions made the work more efficient.
  • History and autosave. They are very useful when you return to work after some time and no longer remember what exactly changed. For me, this is very useful, since there are many constraints and they can change throughout the month. Autosave as an addition to history. I used to save different versions with different constraints. But now, that there is a story, I can store everything in one file.
  • Multiple selection. For me, it is useful - space constraints dialogs, not available times time horizontal for teachers and students, when I see the overall picture.
  • Room/building changes per day were useful last year when there was a renovation at the school. An rooms was assigned to each students set, and the changes had to be limited. Usually I assign the rooms to a certain subject or teacher.
  • Students/teachers max hours daily in hourly interval - has not yet used.
Thank you for your great work!

Liviu Lalescu

Thank you for the feed-back, and you are welcome! :)