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Started by silvia, September 02, 2009, 07:50:47 AM

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hello all,
would it be possible to obtain a list of free rooms? The same way as we obtain a list of free periods for teachers. I did it by hand last year, but I wonder if FET would do that. It is useful for us because whenever a teacher needs a classroom in a specific day, or we need a classroom for a conference, it is necessary to know where are not students in that moment.

Chafik Graiguer

Maybe, you need to print a room timetable
look at:
from there it is easy to know where a room is free, by lookinhg at date and time !!!

Volker Dirr

yes, it should be not difficult to code a "free rooms timetable".
but please wait a little bit. liviu as coding pretty much at the moment and we must check/test his work very much.
i can code it, but i am also busy at school at the moment. so please wait until i have enough spare time for that.


oh, I'm in no hurry at all. i got my timetables now. It's a suggestion for next school year :-)