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Started by silvia, October 02, 2009, 07:12:57 PM

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hello all,
some of you may know about my battle with assigning classrooms with FET. Many times, due to our school system, we must have 2 teachers with the same group in different classrooms. Well, I have -more or less- found a way to solve that, but I still have some difficulties to modify classrooms once the timetable is generated and blocked.

During the first month, teachers usually come and say: can I change this classroom? I'd like to go to computer room once a week, I'd like to move my class of tuesday 2nd hour to room 14, etc.

What I have to do then is open the blocked FET file, go to activities list, filter that teacher (or subject), find which activity has the assigned constraint of tuesday 2nd hour, write down the id number, close the window, open the list of space constraints, filter for that teacher, find that id activity, open it, and edit the room.

Well, my life would be easier (:D) if I could go directly to the list of space constraints, filter by teacher (or whatever), see which of those activities belongs to tuesday 2nd hour, and edit it.

I could do this if the related time constraints where listed with the info of the space constraints (on the right panel). I don't know if this would be easy, or useful for other users. What do you all think?

Another thing that could solve my problem (it's not really a problem, it's only that I'm lazy) would be if we could edit all constraints (time and/or space) from the activities window. i suppose this is impossible.

sorry for being so demanding :-[