Adjustable time interval

Started by aliponte, February 19, 2010, 10:52:10 PM

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FET's user dialogs show drop down lists. If you want to choose an item out of a list you can type the first two or three letters of this item. (This is much faster than using the scroll bar and the mouse pointer to highlight this item.) But you have to be good in typewriting: If you are too slow in pressing the second key, this key's letter will not be interpreted as the second one of the item you want, but as the first one of another item (you do not want). IMO the time interval is rather short. An adjustable maximum time interval would be fine (Menue > Settings > Advanced).

Liviu Lalescu

I searched the Qt documentation,, but it seems they have no such function.

Anyway, I would prefer to keep FET settings to a minimum, so that the users don't get overwhelmed with information. This would be rather a proposal to Qt developers to increase this time interval, because it it their GUI that FET is using.

I am not very eager to implement fancy features in the FET GUI, because it is a very unprofessional GUI and I would like someone else to design a better interface and take the FET engine only. I am not good at interface.