"Import from CSV file" - please pre-select fields

Started by gjveltink, October 21, 2010, 08:19:43 PM

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When importing a CSV file all fields are preset to be taken from the "Student Sets" field in the CSV.
It would be great if the expected standard field could be pre-selected. (attachment)

Thanks in advance!



Volker Dirr

please open your cvs file with an editor and check the first line.
it should look like this:
Quote"Students Sets","Subject","Teachers","Activity Tags","Total Duration","Split Duration","Min Days","Weight","Consecutive"

but i guess your line look like something this:
Quote"""Students Sets""","Subject","Teachers","Activity Tags","Total Duration","Split Duration","Min Days","Weight","Consecutive"

Check the first field. It is incorrect. This happen if you save the cvs file with on programm that have problems to care correct about BOM.

please just modify the first line with an editor and save it.

FET should now import the file without any questions at all.

Volker Dirr

If you are a open office user, then check out the next open office.
the open office coders fixed that bug in the new version (3 years after my bug report.)