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Started by Silver, October 26, 2011, 12:24:31 PM

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i hope you put the statics (teachers - subjects - students ) in 1 window and 3 tabs in this window.
statics> teachers
statics> subjects
statics> teachers

statics> all
then we get 1 window and 3 tabs (teachers - subjects - students).


Liviu Lalescu

Well, I am reluctant about your suggestion.

1) Maybe some users don't want to mix the dialogs.

2) Your probable reason: you want to see all information in the same dialog. But why don't you use the activity planning form for that?


- Thank you for your interest.
The objective of my proposal is to reduce the number of options in the menus.

Liviu Lalescu

There are not too many entries in the statistics. But I'll think about it.