error appears when strating titito

Started by zakawebmaster, January 21, 2024, 12:43:15 PM

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an error message appears when starting titito
here is the message:
Unable to find entry point for procedure, system parameters, infofordpi in DLL file

Volker Dirr

hmm.... Thank you for report.
Sadly i am not sure how to fix it. It sounds like a missing or wrong dll file.
Did you use TiTiTo the first time on the computer or does it already run fine some days ago?
Did you copy files manualy?
Can you maybe tell me your Windows version? (For example by opening the terminal (press on the windows icon in the left lower corner and write "cmd". Then a black window (the terminal) opens and there write "ver" and press enter. Then you can see the version of your windows. Please don't write only windows 10 as answer. Give me the full version. For example i have got Windows 10.0.19045.3930 )

Maybe you are using Windows with 32 bit only? TiTiTo needs 64 bit.


Thank you for interaction

it's my first time using titito

i executed cmd and the version of windows it's : 10.0.10240

Volker Dirr

hmm... That version is not old. It is from 14.07.2023.

I currently have not idea what is wrong.
And you are able to run FET 6.9.7 or newer?
Or do you use FET-x.x.x-qt5?

Volker Dirr

hmm... strange. I still have no idea what is wrong.
The error message is about about a problem with an external dll. It is about function infofordpi, so a request for the resolution of the screen. Sadly the error message doesn't write in which dll file it tries to find that function. It is not in my source. It might be in a Qt dll or a windows dll or a graphics driver dll.
Is that the whole error message or is there some more information?

The new Qt version will be released on 30.01.2024.
I hope the bug will be fixed by that.
I will release a new TiTiTo version as soon as the new Qt version is released.