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Hmm... I have begun trying something, but there are reasons why I prefer to postpone it for now. I will think about it in the future and write here if I will try on it some more.
Thank you, Volker! The span is not complicated. I will make some tries. Yes, the time might be double, if all the days/hours have this Boolean value true. But it is not a big problem. I have thought how to do it. Make a Boolean matrix isEmpty[nsubgroups][ndays][nhours] and compute it beforehand, then check each line and column and create other two Boolean matrices isEmptyRow[nsubgroups][ndays] and isEmptyColumn[nsubgroups][nhours] and use these when printing the timetable.

I will try something without your advice, and wait for your answer when you will have time.
Hello and welcome!

The CSV import/export is unfortunately old, and it does not contain long names and codes (a very recent FET addition in the interface). You could open an official FET example and export it to CSV, and have a look at the resulted CSV files, which you can imitate (and import them into FET).

Exactly, I mean each hour will have a true/false value for hiding if empty. The breaks will have this value false, the others true - you will set each value to true separately, in the hours dialog.

I am waiting for Volker's opinion. It should be possible, but it is a lot of tedious work :)

That is great! Volker and I, we fixed some minor things in the HTML timetables in the current snapshot (which you just tried).

Do you think that adding a Boolean attribute to each day/real day/hour/real hour is useful? If this Boolean is true, the timetables will hide the d/rd/h/rh if the whole row/column is empty (no activity).

I think we could add a Boolean attribute to each day/real day/hour/real hour, "Hide_If_Empty"; what do you say, Volker? I am not sure how difficult is it in the HTML timetables. I will begin to try something now, but if it is not feasible we may abandon the idea; I am waiting for Volker's opinion.
You are welcome!

Please allow me to think for a bit. Meanwhile, could you please try and let me know of the latest snapshot: , and check Chrome, Edge, and Firefox? We made some slight changes in the HTML timetables.

Do you use a recent version of FET, which shows the timetables for the Mornings-Afternoons mode for real days/real hours?

Indeed, as you say, the program works as it is, because you can add a break or not available constraints in the first or better last hours of each afternoon. If you add X in the last hours of the afternoons, the timetables might be acceptable to print, because you will only lose below the page the X-s. But I admit it might be ugly.

Maybe a good setting would be to allow the user, with a FET setting, to choose to hide a row or column in the timetables if it contains only X-s.

I will add this conversation in the TODO, thank you for the suggestion!
Suggestions / Re: possible to reverse the axes
June 22, 2024, 08:45:28 PM
We updated the snapshot for today. Please see this topic's last posts for always up-to-date snapshot:
Snapshots / Re: FET-6.22.1 snapshot available
June 22, 2024, 02:45:14 PM
You are welcome! Thank you, too! :)
Snapshots / Re: FET-6.22.1 snapshot available
June 22, 2024, 12:13:14 PM
I have added a new snapshot, fixing these bugs. Thank you, Benahmed!

The link, as usual: (but only tar.bz2 sources for now, until Volker compiles for Windows). Get the latest version if there are more variants.
Snapshots / Re: FET-6.22.1 snapshot available
June 22, 2024, 10:14:04 AM
Thank you, Benahmed, you are a great collaborator! For right-to-left languages there is this bug. I will now try to fix it, put a snapshot, and kindly ask Volker to compile for Windows. But it might take some time, I am not sure if it is difficult to fix or simple.
Snapshots / Re: FET-6.22.1 snapshot available
June 22, 2024, 09:48:21 AM
You are welcome! Thank you! :)
Snapshots / Re: FET-6.22.1 snapshot available
June 22, 2024, 09:34:29 AM
Hello, Benahmed,

In the interface, the lines are there, please check.

In the HTML timetables, unfortunately Volker said it was too complicated.
Probably near the date of 1 July 2024.