numero ore assegnate

Started by adso, September 10, 2015, 08:41:58 AM

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Sarebbe utile nell'orario migliore elaborato (highest html) (ma non finito) avere indicato in testa alla tabella per ogni docente e ogni classe il numero di ore inserite e quello non inserite per capire dove sono i problemi.
Ed avere un file fet anche non completo da poter importare in excel per poterci lavorare manualmente.

It would be useful in the best timetable processed (highest html) (but unfinished) to have at the top of the table for each teacher and each class the number of hours included and not included in order to understand where the problems are.
And have a file fet also not complete to import into Excel to be able to work manually.
thank you

Liviu Lalescu

Grazie per gli suggerimenti!

Thank you for your suggestions! I will add them in the TODO file, but unfortunately I don't know if and when I'll do them.


and the .fet file not completed available to export in excel? Could be useful to complete the timetable manually.


Liviu Lalescu

It would not be correct to make a _data_and_timetable.fet file with an incomplete file. But an incomplete generation outputs the teachers.xml timetable and you can use this with the program from the following links:


(it is a program from the Tools/Links of FET).