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Tips and Tricks / set only one lesson on saturday
March 29, 2023, 07:54:58 PM
Hello. In our Academy we avoid lessons on Saturday but not in any case.
I have set a break on Saturday to exclude that day from timetabling.
Now it happens that I have to place just one lesson on Saturday.
I'm going to set "teacher's not available time" on Saturday for all teachers except one (I don't want FET placing other lessons on Saturday).
Is there a quick way to do this without adding a lot of new constraints?

Thanks in advance for your help.
General Stuff / activities overlap?
November 05, 2021, 08:01:55 PM
Hello. I have a possible weird question.
We have a particular organization of teachers' activities.

In one working day:
Teachers 'A' have 3 hours of lesson plus 2 hours of academic activities.
Teachers 'B' have 6 hours of laboratory plus 2 hours of academic activities.
Academic activities should overlap.

Desired result:
Teachers' timetable should report all hours.
Students' timetable can avoid to report academic activities.

I doubt this could be done but I ask anyway because I'm a newbie!
General Stuff / preferred starting times (globally)
October 04, 2021, 10:17:17 AM
Hello. Is there a way to quickly assign preferred starting times for ALL activites in one shot? (of course with 95% constraints or so)
Thanks in advance
General Stuff / Freezing results?
September 26, 2021, 08:11:40 PM
Hello. I noticed that the same FET file generates different timetables every times. I believe it's quite normal.
Sometimes little adjustments are needed but then the new timetables are possibly very different from previous. I know I can lock every single activity but it takes time.
Is there a way to lock all activities in one shot and then unlock just the ones that need adjustments?
In other words I would like to modify just a few activities and then generate exactly the last timetable (except for the new modifications).
Thanks in advance
General Stuff / importing/replacing activities
September 16, 2021, 12:25:07 PM
Hello. Is it possible to import a CSV activity file which replaces the existing activities instead of adding them?
That's because I need to adjust many activities in their duration, splits and so on.
It should be much easier using the CSV.  I'd just modify the values in the rows.
Hello. I am new to FET. I can't succeed in data organizing.
Here's one of my issues: in the same hours a student set (DEC3) should attend two different activities (art laboratories). I get errors.
Is that possible? Thank you!

Activity: Sculpture 1-2-3
Constraint: Monday&Tuesday, 8.30-14.30
Student set: SCU1, SCU2, SCU3
Teacher: Tony

Activity: Sculpture
Constraint: Monday&Tuesday, 8.30-14.30
Student set: DEC3
Teacher: Tony

Activity: Decoration
Constraint: Monday&Tuesday, 8.30-13.30
Student set: DEC1, DEC2, DEC3
Teacher: Lucy
General Stuff / FET and semesters
September 10, 2021, 10:53:27 AM
Hello. I am new to FET and need scheduling academic courses.
My question: what is the best way to manage two different semesters?
I'm thinking so:
1- enter all data for that year (courses, teachers, activities etc). Save the file as "ALL"
2- deactivate all entries referred to 2nd semester. Save the file as "1st sem"
3- re-open "ALL"
4- deactivate all entries referred to 1st semester. Save the file as "2st sem"

Then open "1st sem" (or "2nd sem") and go on working to get the outputs.
Is there a better way to go?
Excuse my simple question. Thanks in advance