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General Stuff / importing/replacing activities
September 16, 2021, 12:25:07 PM
Hello. Is it possible to import a CSV activity file which replaces the existing activities instead of adding them?
That's because I need to adjust many activities in their duration, splits and so on.
It should be much easier using the CSV.  I'd just modify the values in the rows.
Ok. Thanks, I'm going on with the learning curve  :)
Hello. I am new to FET. I can't succeed in data organizing.
Here's one of my issues: in the same hours a student set (DEC3) should attend two different activities (art laboratories). I get errors.
Is that possible? Thank you!

Activity: Sculpture 1-2-3
Constraint: Monday&Tuesday, 8.30-14.30
Student set: SCU1, SCU2, SCU3
Teacher: Tony

Activity: Sculpture
Constraint: Monday&Tuesday, 8.30-14.30
Student set: DEC3
Teacher: Tony

Activity: Decoration
Constraint: Monday&Tuesday, 8.30-13.30
Student set: DEC1, DEC2, DEC3
Teacher: Lucy
Yes, Sierra is old but I think it's a very good choice for old Macs. Universities and schools often still have old computers.
I spent some time to know what versions were compatible and ended up with Xcode 9.2 and Qt 5.13.0 running in a virtual machine (actually I use Mojave at home).
Thanks to the instruction of this great forum I was able to compile v.6.1.5 to make it executable under Sierra (10.12).
I'd be glad to share it. In case let me know.
General Stuff / Re: FET and semesters
September 10, 2021, 11:28:01 AM
Yes, two files are a plain solution. I was just thinking that could be useful to have one "reference" file containing everything. In particular when semesters' organization is still in progress. I'll go with two files.
Thanks for your answer.
General Stuff / FET and semesters
September 10, 2021, 10:53:27 AM
Hello. I am new to FET and need scheduling academic courses.
My question: what is the best way to manage two different semesters?
I'm thinking so:
1- enter all data for that year (courses, teachers, activities etc). Save the file as "ALL"
2- deactivate all entries referred to 2nd semester. Save the file as "1st sem"
3- re-open "ALL"
4- deactivate all entries referred to 1st semester. Save the file as "2st sem"

Then open "1st sem" (or "2nd sem") and go on working to get the outputs.
Is there a better way to go?
Excuse my simple question. Thanks in advance
Thank you!
Thanks for you answer. Unfortunately the last executable (6.1.5) can't run under MacOS Sierra.
It says that MacOS Mohave is needed. Perhaps has to be compiled differently? In this case I would try.
Hello. I am a new to FET and just a beginner.
I've an old Mac so I'm looking for an executable compatible with MacOS Sierra (10.12.6).
Is it still available somewhere?
Thanks in advance.

P.S. I tried to run PC version in Wine/Winebottler but wasn't able to get it working. Is it my fault or it's actually not possible?