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Started by gt, September 16, 2021, 12:25:07 PM

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Hello. Is it possible to import a CSV activity file which replaces the existing activities instead of adding them?
That's because I need to adjust many activities in their duration, splits and so on.
It should be much easier using the CSV.  I'd just modify the values in the rows.

Liviu Lalescu


It is easy to delete all activities: either "Advanced" > "Activity planning" > "Delete all", or in Activities dialog Remove and keep Enter pressed. Then import the activities from CSV. But: this will remove all constraints referring to the old activities. If this is a problem, let me know and maybe there are solutions using tricks with the XML .fet file (but if you modify the splits, some activities ids will change and the constraints will refer to the wrong ids).


I'm indeed still experimenting how to fit our needs to FET.
It should be very useful to keep constraints. What xlm file? How to modify it?

Liviu Lalescu

When you import activities, the min days between activities constraints are imported from CSV (FET recognizes the splits). The other constraints are not imported.

The XML .fet file: your FET file (you can open it with a text or XML editor to see the structure). It have for instance the sections <Activities> or <Time_Constraints_List>.