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Started by Elena Perotti, July 24, 2023, 10:34:53 AM

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Elena Perotti

esiste una versione del programma scaricabile per Chromebook? oppure c'è qualche sistema attraverso Microsoft 365?

Liviu Lalescu


I am not familiar with Chromebook or Microsoft 365. But if they support Qt ( FET should work.

I could try to help you compile, but it might not be easy.

Volker Dirr

Chrome OS is an operatiing system. So by default it should be able to do it, but the idea of Chrome OS is to use everything from an online service. The FET-GUI doesn't run online; it must be installed local. Since Chrome OS by default doesn't want to have local installations, there is only a workaround possible. You can install Linux software local on Chrome OS. Sadly it isn't very easy to do that. Please google for "How to install Linux software on Chrome OS" and do it similar with FET.

Microsoft 365 is an office tool from Mircosoft. It is not an operating system. It's a commercial software for tools like Write, Excel, ... . As far as i know Microsoft doesn't count timetabling as an office tool, so i think Microsoft will never release a timetabling software in Microsoft 365. It's a bit like asking if Micosoft Office will be able to run "Tax 2023" to calculate the tax with Microsoft 365. Even "Tax 2023" is used in many offices to calculate the tax, Microsoft will never add a tax software into their office tools, because there are too many different countries on the Earth, each with his own tax laws. It will be impossible to add all these in Micosoft 365.
On the other hand we (Liviu and me) also can't add FET in Micosoft 365, since it is not a operating system, it is just a normal software like any other software. So it is as impossible for us as adding FET into a computer game.