FET-6.19.0 released

Started by Liviu Lalescu, March 26, 2024, 01:04:01 PM

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Liviu Lalescu

On Tuesday, 26 March 2024, FET-6.19.0 was released. From the ChangeLog:

  - Updated to Qt 6.6.3.
  - Added two new types of constraints: teacher(s)/students (set) min gaps between activity tag/ordered pair of activity tags per real day, in the Mornings-Afternoons mode (suggested by victorcapel). With this occasion there were corrected some bugs regarding the checking routine of the final timetable (they did not affect the generation). Benahmed Abdelkrim contributed with a bug report on the new code.
  - Minor bug fix: if the user changes the mode to Mornings-Afternoons, the constraints of type min/max days between activities will be adjusted if necessary (if the number of min/max days between activities is greater than the new number of real days per week).
  - Minor bug fix in the description of the recorded history state when adding multiple constraints of type activities same starting hour / occupy max different rooms. Also, now the order of the added constraints is given by the id of the first activity from each constraint.
  - Minor bug fix: when reading a wrong file containing an activity without a specified subject, FET will report an error on reading the file instead of possible assertions failed when trying to edit the data or generate the timetable (reported by vlaicumihnea).
  - Added a "Black" check box option in the statistics print from the interface, so that the fonts won't be gray, but black (suggested by Cyrus Ireri). With this occasion, a minor correction was done in the exporting of the advanced statistics to the disk (if the HTML level was 7 - colors, the fonts of line 2 should have been black, not gray).
  - Minor change: The section "Timetable_Generation_Options_List" (which may contain elements of type "GroupActivitiesInInitialOrder") will be printed even if it is empty.
  - Added four new example files, by Alexey Chernous.
  - Added three new example files, by activityum.
  - Updated the Russian translation, by Alexey Chernous.

I wish to thank the above mentioned people for their kind contributions, to my closest collaborator Volker Dirr, and to the dedicated translators who keep their translation complete (Benahmed Abdelkrim - Arabic, Vangelis Karafillidis - Greek, Pascal Cohen - French, and Alexandre R. Soares - Brazilian Portuguese).

Darren McDonald

FET-6.19.0 for macOS is now available.

Liviu Lalescu

... and to Darren, who is dedicated to compiling FET for macOS! :)