Différents courses at the same hour and day, but different every week

Started by Jean-Paul Dion, April 08, 2014, 09:25:46 PM

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Jean-Paul Dion

In our school, all the courses(prices) from the very beginning take place in "period", that is, for a given class, for example the first 3 weeks ( a " period " ), math, then 2 weeks French (another " period " ), then 4 weeks English, etc. on all the year...
Yet(Now), weeks are not managed by FET, how to take(bring) out me of it?
Thank you very much!

Volker Dirr

I think there are 2 variants:

variant a)
do a timetable for each "period".
advantage: you will get best timetables for teachers.
disadvantage: you need to schedule each "period".

variant b)
just add all teachers of a "course(prices)" from the whole year (calendar) into a single activity.
advantage: you only need to schedule a single week
disadvantage: you won't get the best solution for teachers, because they will have a gap if they are not "used" in the current "period". In wost case it will be even impossible to schedule that.