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Started by Adele, December 02, 2021, 07:03:30 PM

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Good day,

Firstly, thank you for a great tool!

I want to use StElTo to schedule my students into classes (I've been using it successfully before). I have one subject that has more hours than the other subjects I want to schedule. E.g. Mathematics has 6 hours, all other subjects have 4, 2 or 1 hours. Is there a way that I can split mathematics and let it run with the courses with 4 hours and the rest with the courses of 2 hours? I know this is possible by splitting mathematics into 2 subjects. The trick is that I want the same students in the maths4 and the maths2 courses.

Is that possible?

Thank you,

Volker Dirr

I fear it is not possible like in your request; but maybe this trick is working with your dataset:

Enable "Allocate two lines" for the subjects with 6 hours in the "subjects" tab.
Modify "Place into" from 6 down to 4 in the "hours" tab.
So acitivities with 6 hours will be placed into 2 slots with 4 hours. So in fact not perfect, but maybe possible.
FET can hopyfully care about low number of gaps, since those hours will still use only 6 slots (even at leat 8 slots are possible). FET might even place it into hours with 2 later (if possible).