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Started by Natep, August 18, 2023, 06:46:25 PM

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Quote from: Volker Dirr on August 18, 2023, 09:21:35 PMHow long is it in total? 2 weeks (14 days)?
There its 5 weeks in this schedule format (week 6 is set up differently so it would be it's own FET file) so that's why I am avoiding having to make however many splits that is.

Quote from: Volker Dirr on August 18, 2023, 09:31:17 PMBut on the other hand you might need to use only 2 FET days!
So you shedule only 2 days and just tell them, that you repeat the days all the time.
Every day has to be unique sadly since we have two activities that each group gets scheduled for once in the 5 week period.  I am not touching on staff yet since that is also super complex but staff availability is different each day so we chose to not offer some activities because of that (not planning to build that info FET yet)

Quote from: Volker Dirr on August 18, 2023, 09:31:17 PMYou sent me 2 pictures. How many of those pictures do you have in total? That should be a good value for the number of FET days that you need.
I am working to get the master file right now that has an entire summer's worth of schedules right now.  I only took photos of those two sadly

Volker Dirr

ok. If there are no dublicated days, then you need to add 5*7=35 days in FET. FET can handle that situation.
I guess that also mean that for example Cubs, Lions and Tigers have subject Waterfront maybe 10 or more times. So you need to split the activity in 10 or more times. Don't worry. Even if it is a daily activity, FET can split activities in more then 35 parts.
I hope you will manage it. Just let me know if you still have problems or if you need more hints.


Thanks!  Any suggestions for figuring the splits out for activities like archery that are done alone?  I am struggling to find the split to not have it get stuck.

Volker Dirr

Please have a look here:

and/or here:

The default value of "split" is 1. So if archery is done only a single time you can keep the value "split" as it is.

For your waterfront activities you need to increase the value for split. If you modify the "split" value, then carefuly what above the word "duration". There are numbers visible. There are as many numbers visibile as you have parts/splits. So if you increase the number of subactivities by increasing the split value for the waterfront activities, then you need to press on every of the number above the word "duration" and increase the duration value up to 2.

Just try and let me and ask again if there are more problems.