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Started by onlines92, October 01, 2022, 02:27:39 AM

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I have a problem
After arranging the timetable
fixed schedule on Monday, rearranged schedule from Tuesday to Friday (the school is adding teachers). I used the lock and unlock function in the FET. However, when adding teachers and activities, I cannot see the timetable (which days are locked and which are not). This caused me to use sketches (pen and paper) to record actions, which I did wrong and had to redo many times.
Checking in the "All time contraints" section is difficult when the number of activities locked in a day is large but sorted by list (up to 50)
On the other hand, many people who don't understand FET well will also have difficulty when some activities are locked but cannot be viewed in the teacher/student interface, affecting the binding resulting can't create new timetable
Suggestion: Can view/check locked activities (no need to Genarate new timetable) in teacher/student interface or any other way can easily view and check locked activities easy way by matrix

Liviu Lalescu