difficulties in the production process

Started by MOHAMED AIT ICHOU, August 31, 2022, 12:08:11 AM

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Hello Liviu , Some users of the latest version (6.5.7) of the FET program complain about some  difficulties in  the production process, as it  stops in two or three activities, despite the simplicity of the restrictions used. Is there a solution to this problem?


Yes, the same problem, there is a large difference in the time of generation of tables between old versions such as FET MA and the latest version of FET

Liviu Lalescu


Please send me as soon as possible the .fet input files, so I can check the problem. I need the files in the oldest format (if you notice a problem with FET-MA and FET-6.5.7, I need the FET-MA file).


Liviu Lalescu

I think there is no FET-6.5.7 bug. Some users seem to use FET-6-Mornings-Afternoons mode, the (too difficult) file is impossible, then they open the file with old FET-Morocco or FET-MA, which cannot read some new style constraints (these will be skipped).

Remember that you can open older files, but not newer files (in this latter case you might lose data).

If you send FET-MA or FET-Morocco files which are solvable with old FET but not with FET-6-Mornings-Afternoons mode, this is something to investigate from me. But take care of the above situation.