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Started by gruguuru, June 17, 2008, 12:38:02 PM

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I noticed the french translation isn't complete. Is anyone doing it?

Liviu Lalescu

No, nobody is translating it, you can do that if you would like.



After trying FET, I've made french translation.

First translation is made and I'm rereading to find mistakes

I've yet 2 or 3 rereading to do to be sure evething is good

If you're interest, I can send you my work.

I wrote to Patrick Fox on december but I got no response


Liviu Lalescu

Thank you!

Please tell me: did you start translation from zero or followed the previous translation?

If you followed the old translation, I am supposed to write also the old translators' names, even if their translation was old and contained only a few new fields translated.

Yes, Patrick Fox I think abandoned the translation.

Please double check the FetMainForm_template (this is most important, maybe you could do that in parallel English-French) and test-all-constraints.fet -> all time constraints and all space constraints dialogs, short and detailed descriptions.

After your tests are done, send me the file.

I would prefer you to write me by e-mail about that (because the announcement is done here, on the forum), it is easier for me to handle the files/communication.

Also, please let me know your preferred method of contact which I'll add on the Translations section, and your name that I'll put there.

Liviu Lalescu

French translation is done, completely, by Regis Bouguin (a big "Thank you!" to Regis).

New snapshot (only French added, no other changes, also only tar.bz2 sources):

Note: this link might become unfunctional (for instance, after official release of 5.14.4 or for other reasons). Check the Snapshots section on forum for more details.

You can get the fet_fr.qm file and use it with official FET-5.14.3, to have a French translation.

Liviu Lalescu

Windows exe with French is available (FET-5.14.4-snapshot), please see the Snapshots section.

Note: the forum posts about snapshots and snapshots links may disappear (for instance, after official release).


It seems that the French translation is abandoned.
I enclose a translation of the 5.27.3 release. This is a new version.

Liviu Lalescu

Thank you! I got your email.