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Started by Benahmed Abdelkrim, May 19, 2016, 08:59:56 AM

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Volker Dirr

yes, it highly depend on the web browser.
if i open your file with chrome and try to print on DIN A4, then there are always 3 tables on a paper.
if i open your file with firefox and try to print on DIN A4, then there are around 50% pages with 2 tables and around 50% with 3 tables.

but it is still luck. it won't work with schools with a higher number of rows.
but schools with lower number of rows can benefit from your "page-break-inside: avoid;".
i think i should add that as default value. it still doesn't guarantee that it won't break, but it try at least to avoid it. i think that is the good "tip".

thank you for suggesting.

Benahmed Abdelkrim

You are welcome! :)
yes you are right, html does not guarantee that the last table is not divided, but for now this is a temporary "solution",  waiting for another better, why not ...
yours faithfully.