Please help me with the translation of some FET forum fields

Started by Liviu Lalescu, January 08, 2020, 01:46:12 PM

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Liviu Lalescu

Dear translators,

Please help me with the translation of these fields:

Dear FET forum user,

This is Liviu Lalescu, one of the FET forum administrators. This privacy policy is to inform you that the personal data you enter here on the forum is accessible to the forum administrators. Your personal data will be used for the good functioning of the forum and we will try to keep it private. However, we cannot guarantee this under exceptional circumstances.

You need to agree with this before registering to the FET forum.

Write below the name of our timetabling software (Hint: 3 letters.):

Note: These fields might change - I am still thinking of their best definition.


hello sir
I did the translation on google translation and it worked to a great extent
I only modified your name and the fet name

sorry if i did not understand whay you want

please keep me informed of any thing you want

Liviu Lalescu

Oh, bachiri401, I meant for FET translators to translate for me these English fields to their language. These will appear in FET forum registration of a new user. We have Benahmed Abdelkrim as an Arabic translator, I think/hope he can do that for us.