How to detect if generation is still working

Started by michelemi, March 09, 2021, 10:08:36 AM

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Hello, and thank you in advance.

We would like to use the command like version in order to automatically generate a timetable, starting from a valid .fet file.
This means that in our idea there will not be an operator running manually the script but it will be an automated task.

This brings a problem, to be able to detect if the script should wait for FET generating the timetable or should assume that there is some impossible conditions.
Is there a way from the calling script we could understand is timetabling is making progress, of id kill the execution after some minutes?

Thank you,

Liviu Lalescu


In some extreme cases, a file can even generate in 1 minute or even 5 hours, so there is no clear indication of the future of the generation.

There are console output information, and FET will write "Simulation successful" after finishing. Also, please see the files in the "logs" directory. There are "result.txt" which is updated after finishing, and "max_placed_activities.txt" which updates as soon as FET placed activities, during generation.



so you say that it could be possiible to parse application output or logs written to file, to detect od timetable is making progress or it can be the case to stop the process.

I think we may operate like this

Thank you

Liviu Lalescu