Activities begen or end student/teacher's day

Started by YOUSSEF HOUIET, August 14, 2022, 05:16:09 PM

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Hello liviu
is it possible to combine two constraints:
Activities begen student/teacher's day
+Activities end student/teacher's day

to allow an activity to be in begin or end of  students/teacher's day

Liviu Lalescu


Unfortunately it is not possible in an elegant generation code. I know about this request from some time ago - at some point I made a lousy but working code, but it was abandoned in a custom version somewhere, I don't recall where. That custom version worked, but I don't like it.

I will add your request in the TODO.

Edited: It is suggested already in the TODO file, see the beginning, suggestion #0.5. There are also some tricks to overcome this problem. Just open this file with a text editor.


Thank for your quick response,

Don't bother adding the constraint، since it's complicated,

it's not a necessary constraint, it's just to solve a problem that is not a priority.