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Started by gesamtschule, August 18, 2008, 06:30:22 AM

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yesterday evening we run in to trouble, because we had defined some constraint which makes the problem unsolvable.
To analyze such a situation it would be extremely helpful, if it become possible to filter all constraints. For example give me all constraints for activity x. This means all which was directly defined to the activity and all which defined for the subject and the teacher. Is it possible to realize this quickly? Otherwise I will start to write an own solution based on the xml-file.

Liviu Lalescu

In the activities dialog, you can see the constraints related to an activity. Unfortunately this does not list constraints related to teacher/subject/students of this activity.

I'll add this in the TODO, it is a bit complicated, I think I cannot do it soon.

But in my experience, I didn't need this facility. Just look at the difficult activity reported by FET. Then look in the activities' dialog (you'll see the constraints related to the activity), then look in teachers' dialog (you'll see the constraints related to the teacher) - I mean check the teacher of this activity, then look in subjects' dialog for the subject of this activity.

Also, another good tactic is to save the files often, because FET has no undo command.


At the moment I get sometimes messages about activities, where I don't find what constraint could be the problem.
The idea to save often and always a copy is a good plan, unfortunately we have at the moment generating times from over 60 Minutes, so it's not so easy to make after every change a check :-(

Liviu Lalescu

I'm sorry for that, but I tried my best to help the user with information about difficult activities, which FET could not schedule. I don't have other ideas to help the user with that.

How is FET doing its job? Did you get good timetables? Is FET fast enough compared to other programs, or did you use other programs? (here it is not the right board to write about that, maybe you could write in the feed-back section or write some personal messages to me). Also, maybe you could give us your input file, for inclusion into FET or for testing.