Help needed - consecutive activities in mornings/afternoons mode

Started by nelsonjrgomes, July 05, 2023, 11:41:54 PM

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In desperate need of help...

I need to assure that two activities are consecutive - "Desenho" and "Apoio Desenho" must come one after the other, with a gap in between. This is for one class in particular, but there are many other classes that I must guarantee that two activities are consecutive.

When using Official Mode, I can add that constraint and FET gives me timetables without breaking a sweat.

This time, I need to use Mornings/Afternoons mode (most of the times students have classes in the morning and after lunch). When adding that constraint ("Desenho" and "Apoio Desenho" are consecutive), FET is unable to give possible timetables. When I remove the constraint, in some of the timetables FET gives they are consecutive. I suspect that this might be a bug - it is clearly possible that the two are consecutive, but when adding the constraint, FET doesn't give me a solution.


Don't mind, I just found out what was the problem - hadn't defined break times in mornings/afternoons mode... It's now working fine.