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Started by Jimena, August 20, 2023, 04:23:05 PM

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Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to export files in Excel. The educaction program we use in our provence in Spain   allows to import XML files and establish the teachers' timetibles, but I do not know if we can export the timetibles generated with FET.

Thanks a lot


Volker Dirr

The easiest variant is importing the html-tables from the fet-results folder with Excel.
There are other variants, but they are more complicated. Try this first.



Sorry to jump in. I'm interested in this too. I assumed you meant we start excel and go to Data => Get data

I did that and only found the option to get data from XML file, not html file. Then it only gives me info about teachers, subgroups and activities rather than the generated timetable.

I must have done something wrong. I'd appreciate further guidance please.

Many thanks

Volker Dirr

No. You don't need to load "Data".

The import of xml file as data is perfect, since you can display the data as you want. But the disadvantage is, that you need a marco or you need know how to code macros. So if you want to import the xml file, then please buy a book about how to code macros with excel and or ask in an Excel forum.

Similar to the fet file. In that case you also need a macro or you need to know how to code macros.

If you import the html files, then you don't need to know how to code and you also don't need a macro. The disadvanatge is, that the structure is similar to the html view.

It's depending on the Excel version. I am not an Excel professional user. I used it only a very few times, since i am working with LibreOffice many years now (and google sheet).

If i remeber correct, then in older Excel versions you just open the html file over the "File"->"Open" dialog like a normal Excel file. But you must modify the filter, since by default the html files are not visible in the open dialog.

In newer Excel versions is a import function close to / below the "File"->"Open"- If i remeber correct, then it was "File"->"Import".

I can check tomorrow at work, since i don't have Excel at home anymore.

Volker Dirr

A second variant is using a converter.
But Liviu nor me are the authors of this converts.
So we can't help you with those converters.

You can find one of those converters here:


Thanks again. I managed to import to Excel now. Unfortunately only plain text is imported so a lot of formatting to do. It doesn't serve my purpose now but useful to know. Many thanks.


I have downloade these converters , but how to use these ?

Volker Dirr