Avoiding two consecutive classes in the same class

Started by Raja Kashif Ilyas, June 03, 2023, 04:31:57 AM

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Raja Kashif Ilyas

Greetings FET forum!

I am having an issue that during some generations of timetable, a teacher appears to have consecutive classes (of different subjects but same teacher and same class) which doesn't seem quite right because it is exhaustive for the teacher as well as students. So I want to know if there are any constraints or tips on how to avoid consecutive classes of the same teacher in any class?

Liviu Lalescu


I think teachers or students activity tag max hours continuously.

Volker Dirr

hmm.. I must admit that i like those consecutive hours and doesn't think they are exhaustive. Maybe ask every body before adding such a constraint. For example i want those consecutive hours and "complain" if they are not consecutive.

a) The students and the teachers doesn't need to swap the room (if there is no special room for a subject needed)
b) sometimes i didn't finish the hour in time, so i just continue a few minutes (or sometimes the whole hour) with the "old" subject. Of course in return i do it oposite the next week.
c) sometimes i need 2 hours to write a math test. But if i have only 1 hour per day math, then i always need to swap with an other teacher. That is sometimes difficult to do. But if i have such continues hours, then i can do it myself without careing about other teachers (and so also without affecting other students too!)
So overall i like those hours.


Greetings from Colombia. I had the same problem. I solved it by using the option of minimum days between a set of activities (time / activities / other 1). I selected the activities assigned to the teacher and separated them by 1 day.
In this way, the teacher will not have continuous activities with a certain group.

Raja Kashif Ilyas

Hi and thanks to all of you for your time and kind input. The issue had been resolved.