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The preferred communication type (especially for support questions) is by the public forum. If you are unable to register or post, please write an email to Liviu Lalescu or to Volker Dirr and we'll help. Feel free to join for advice, wishes, bug reports, suggestions, improvements, etc. Also, you are encouraged to send your input files, for the purpose of testing, and report information about how this program works in your institution.

To contact author Liviu Lalescu by email regarding FET: fet4_ATT_lalescu.ro. Please replace _ATT_ with @ . Feel free to contact me for any problems regarding FET. When I'll begin receiving spam on this address, I'll change it, so, if it is not working, revisit this page and find the updated address. If I don't answer in 24 hours, I might be on a vacation, so wait for my return or contact other persons from the FET project.

To contact author Volker Dirr regarding FET: please see https://www.timetabling.de/

Authors: Liviu Lalescu and Volker Dirr. To contact the authors, please see the AUTHORS file in the FET distribution or the FET menu Help/About/Authors

Translators: to contact a translator, please see the TRANSLATORS file in FET distribution or the FET menu Help/About/Translators

Please grade this software and leave a message in the guestbook