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Juan Manuel Montero  26/12/22   17:21:09 Date
Message Very happy me parece un trabajo fantástico!!. Enhorabuena a los creadores!!. I think it's a wonderful work. Congratulations to the authors!!!.

Phạm Văn Quyền Anh  12/09/22   03:11:02 Date
Message Phầm mềm FET thật tuyệt vời, nó giải quyết tất cả những yêu cầu một cách chính xác và khoa học. Hơn tất cả những phầm mềm thời khóa biểu miễn phí và trả phí mà tôi đã từng dùng. Một phần mềm xứng đáng để bất cứ ai bỏ thời gian tìm hiểu

muhammad ratrout  24/08/22   18:51:26 Date
Message hi
please add to fet : max days with lesson on the same period
to apply example : apply to selected subjects in selected classes with all teachers all classes all subjects

brahim  31/07/22   17:10:15 Date
Message Hi i want to If it is possible to include a common gap for a group of teachers

ADARSH  27/05/22   01:05:05 Date
Message Hi sir, if a teacher taking combined class. then is it possible to show in the time table

Bachir Sayah  28/12/21   15:45:03 Date
Message Thank you for this awesome work .. i have a suggestion... If you can add a filter that allows you to manipulate the order of different matters .. for exemple mathematics and physics .. i want them to be separated by english or french for example !

Arvind Kumar Agarwal  03/10/21   03:05:16 Date
Message Very nice software. My suggestions:
1. In set of activities we should be able to add or replace a teacher for a particular class. Presently it changes for whole set. It will help to assign two teacher for particular class like practical. Also when teacher is on leave, we can assign another teacher for that particular class.
2. In the activity screen, we should be able to hide inactive activities.

Chalita J.  06/09/21   18:54:44 Date
Message Thank you so much. from Thailand

Hector Javier Gutz Guz  11/08/21   19:39:08 Date
Message It is a very good program. I congratulate you for the support, of course, that support is not reflected in money, so I would like you to give me an account to support your project. I have a problem my teachers have 5 hours per class they are divided into 3 parts 1 of 1 hour and 2 of 2 hours but when generating the schedule it puts me 3 hours in a day for example I can make it only allow 2 hours per day of a subject

Hector Javier Gutz Guz  11/08/21   19:31:40 Date
Message Es un muy buen programa te felicito por el apoyo claro que ese apoyo no se ve reflejado en dinero por lo que me gustaría que me dieras una cuenta para apoyar tu proyecto. tengo un problema mis maestros tienen 5 horas por clase estan divididas en 3 partes 1 de 1 hora y 2 de 2 horas pero al hacer la generación del horario me pone 3 horas en un día por ejemplo puedo hacer que solo permita 2 horas por dia de una materia

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