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Liviu Lalescu

Volker Dirr
    - XHTML timetable export.
    - CSV import and export.
    - Advanced statistics export.
    - Speed improvements in the timetable generation.
    - Locking the activities.
    - Activity planning dialog.
    - Print timetable dialog.

To contact an author, please see the AUTHORS file in the FET distribution or the FET menu Help/About/Authors

Code contributors:

Rodolfo Ribeiro Gomes
    - An initial draft code for the constraints of type teacher(s) max span per day and teacher(s) min resting hours.
    - The alphabetic sorting of the items which respects the user's locale (the special characters are correctly ordered).

Marco Vassura
    - The colors of the timetables, in the timetable view dialogs and in the XHTML results (using CRC-24 based on RFC 2440 Section 6.1).

To contact a contributor, please see the CONTRIBUTORS file in the FET distribution or the FET menu Help/About/Contributors (but not all contributors have a contact address).


ar - Arabic translation

former translator: Silver

current translator: Benahmed Abdelkrim

bg - Bulgarian translation

former translator: Asen Pashov

current translator: Hristiyan Dimitrov

ca - Catalan translation

former translator: Miguel Gea Milvaques

former translator: Sílvia Lag - rewrote the translation from zero

current translator: Innocent De Marchi

cs - Czech translation

Pavel Fric

da - Danish translation

David Lamhauge

de - German translation

former translator: Robert Hairgrove

current translator: Volker Dirr

el - Greek translation

former translator: Dimitrios Ropokis

former translator: Dimitris Kanatas

current translator: Vangelis Karafillidis - rewrote the translation from zero

es - Spanish translation

former translator: José César Fernández López

current translator: Emiliano Llano Díaz - rewrote the translation from zero

eu - Basque translation

Asier Urio Larrea

fa - Persian translation

former translator: Hamed SadeghiNeshat

current translator: sally sat

fr - French translation

former translator: Jerome Durand

former translator: Patrick Fox

former translator: Régis Bouguin

current translator: Pascal Cohen - rewrote the translation from zero

gl - Galician translation

Juan Marcos Filgueira Gomis

he - Hebrew translation

Yotam Medini

hu - Hungarian translation

former translator: Ferenczi Viktor

current translator: Zsolt Udvari

id - Indonesian translation

Nirwan Yus

it - Italian translation

former translator: Marco Barsotti

former translator: Francesco Rizzo

current translator: Andrea Primiani

ja - Japanese translation

Taro Tada

lt - Lithuanian translation

Darius Staigys

mk - Macedonian translation

Zoran Zdravkovski

ms - Malay translation

Abdul Hadi Kamel

nl - Dutch translation

Daan Huntjens

Niels Fikse

pl - Polish translation

Radosław Pasiok

pt_BR - Brazilian Portuguese translation

former translator: Werner Bruns

former translator: Frank Mártin

former translator: Cloves das Neves

current translator: Alexandre R. Soares

ro - Romanian translation

former translator: Constantin Romulus

current translator: Liviu Lalescu

ru - Russian translation

former translator: Ilya V. Paramonov

current translator: Alexey Chernous

si - Sinhala translation

Achini Duisna

sk - Slovak translation

Ondrej Gregor

sq - Albanian translation

Artur Lugu

sr - Serbian translation

Ivan Starchevicy

Radan Putnik

tr - Turkish translation

former translator: Mehmet Gezmisoglu

former translator: Mahir Nacar

current translator: Yakup Kadri Demirci

uk - Ukrainian translation

Andriy Melnyk

uz - Uzbek translation

Orzubek Eraliyev

vi - Vietnamese translation

former translator: Nguyen Truong Thang

former translator: Nguyễn Hữu Duyệt

former translator: Ngọc Ngô Minh

current translator: Phạm Văn Quyền Anh

zh_CN - Chinese Simplified translation


zh_TW - Chinese Traditional translation


To contact a translator, please see the TRANSLATORS file in FET distribution or the FET menu Help/About/Translators

Thanks to (chronologically):

Costin Bădică - he advised Liviu Lalescu to begin this project and offered many suggestions.

Carsten Niehaus - suggestions.

Imre Nagy - old mailing list (does not work anymore), suggestions.

Sajith V. K. - suggestions

Michael Towers - lots of bugs reported, sample files, suggestions, front/back-end.

Antti Leppik - sample file, suggestions.

Ian Fantom - sample file, suggestions.

Simon Ghetti - sample files, suggestions.

Gibbon Tamba - sample file, bug reported.

Jerome Durand - bug reported, French translation.

Marek Jaszuk - bugs reported, suggestions, sample file.

Ramanathan Srinivasan - suggested Constraint2ActivitiesConsecutive and Constraint2ActivitiesGrouped.

Vimal Joseph - suggestions, a script to convert the .xml results into .tex.

Cristian Gherman - bugs reported, suggestions.

Nicholas Robinson - suggestions.

Radu Spineanu - Debian package.

Morten Piil - bug reported, sample file.

Sebastian Canagaratna - lots of suggestions, bugs reported, sample files.

Abdul Hadi Kamel - sample file, bugs reported, Malay translation.

Miguel Gea Milvaques - Catalan translation.

Frans de Bruijn - bug reported.

Radosław Pasiok - Polish translation.

Daan Huntjens - bug reported, sample file, suggestions, partial Dutch translation.

Yush Yuen - sample file, bug report.

Scott Sweeting - sample file, suggestions, icon for FET.

Dragoș Petrașcu - suggestions.

Daniel S. - suggestions, help files for the constraints.

Gianluca Salvo - suggested Constraint2ActivitiesOrdered.

Sebastian O'Halloran - suggestions.

Mehmet Gezmisoglu - Turkish translation.

Tom Hosty - sample file, bugs reported, user's guide.

Niels Fikse - Dutch translation.

Simon Bohlin - suggestions.

Volker Dirr - German translation, bug reports, suggestions, 2-point and uniform crossover implementation and testing.

Les Richardson - Update of the FAQ.

Gabi Danon - instructions on how to compile/run FET on some platforms

Manolo Par - suggested ConstraintTeachersMinHoursDaily.

Viktor Ferenczi - bug report, Hungarian translation.

Patrick Fox - improved French translation.

Andrés Chandía - icons.

Zoran Zdravkovski - bug reports, Macedonian translation.

Constantin Romulus - bug reports, sample file (private), small improvements in the Romanian translation, testing, fet forum logo.

L. W. Johnstone - suggestions, sample file.

Zsolt Udvari - suggestions.

mantas - bug reports.

moryus - bug report.

bb - suggestions.

Maciej Deorowicz - suggestions.

José César Fernández López - Spanish translation.

Daniel Chiriac - suggestions.

Dimitrios Ropokis - suggestions, Greek translation.

Danail - suggestions.

Peter Ambroz - suggestions.

Nirwan Yus - Indonesian translation.

Marco Barsotti - Italian translation, testing.

Silver - Arabic translation, sample file.

Horațiu Hălmăjan - suggestions.

kdsayang - suggestions.

didit - suggestions.

Bobby Wise - sample files.

Willy Henckert - sample file.

Wilfred - suggestions.

W. D. John - sample file.

Darius Staigys - Lithuanian translation.

George Miliotis [Ionio] - suggestions.

Sílvia - suggestions, sample file.

Chafik Graiguer - suggestions, testing.

Niels Stargardt - sample file.

Cristian Balint - sample files.

sherman - suggestion.

Azu Boba - suggestion.

Thomas Schwartz - bug report.

Cătălin Maican - suggestions.

Ilya V. Paramonov - Russian translation.

Hamed SadeghiNeshat - Persian translation.

Joan de Gracia - Catalan translation of the manual.

Massimo Mancini - suggestions.

Regina V. Kryvakovska - Russian translation additional checking.

ßingen - suggestions.

Angela - suggestions.

T. Renganathan - sample file.

Marco - sample file.

sally sat - Persian translation update.

sstt2 - bug report.

Nikos Koutsoukos - suggestions, bug reports.

pinco - suggestions.

Ben Bauer - suggestions.

Rodica Lalescu - suggestions.

Gigica Nedelcu - icons design.

Paolo Cataldi - suggestions.

Gerrit Jan Veltink - sample file, suggestions.

Soyeb Aswat - suggestions.

Andriy Melnyk - Ukrainian translation.

Frans - suggestions.

m - suggestions.

Christoph Schilling - sample file.

Frank Mártin - Brazilian Portuguese translation.

Werner Bruns - Brazilian Portuguese translation.

aliponte - sample file.

David Lamhauge - Danish translation.

murad - suggestions.

Achini Duisna - Sinhala translation.

Ondrej Gregor - Slovak translation.

Karel Rodríguez Varona - bug report.

Remus Turea - help with the FET homepage.

Joachim - suggestions.

Chichi Lalescu - suggestions.

Iftekhar Ahmad - suggestions.

DT - suggestions.

Yotam Medini - Hebrew translation.

mohd - suggestions.

Dimitris Kanatas - Greek translation update.

waleed - sample file.

aang - suggestions.

M K Lohumi - sample file.

Régis Bouguin - French translation update.

Ivan Starchevicy - Serbian translation.

Radan Putnik - Serbian translation.

Asti Widayanti - sample file.

uni_instructor - suggestions.

liquid - suggestions.

Juan Marcos Filgueira Gomis - Galician translation.

llantones - example file.

Christian Kemmer - suggestions.

Davide G. M. Salvetti - suggestions.

lalloso - suggestions.

drew - suggestions.

Fabio Piedimonte - suggestions.

K - suggestions.

Nguyen Truong Thang - Vietnamese translation.

kdrosos - bug report.

Ian Holden - suggestions and code.

Sarwan Bangar - bug report.

Petros Nouvakis - suggestions, sample file.

mma - suggestions.

Orzubek Eraliyev - Uzbek translation.

k1aas - suggestions.

nomad - suggestions.

Robert Sutcliffe - suggestions.

rjmillett - suggestions.

yasin dehghan - suggestions.

Daniel - sample file.

Pietro - suggestions.

arivasm - suggestion.

AZ - suggestion.

Etlau - suggestion.

Nemo - suggestions.

Anton Anthofer - suggestions.

Danny Zitzman - suggestions.

geaplanet - sample file.

Leandro Bueno - suggestions.

Laid Messaoudi - sample files.

karim - suggestions.

hicham_idrissi - bug report.

Davide Cottignoli - suggestions.

agemagician - suggestions.

Vlăduț Frățiman - suggestions.

vlad2005 - suggestions.

mouiata - suggestions.

rapsy - sample file.

clouds - suggestions.

MarioMic - suggestions.

pedrobordon - sample file.

Tonny Chan - suggestion.

Artur Lugu - Albanian translation.

plaldw - suggestion.

jimmyjim - suggestions for a custom version.

Curtis Wilson - suggestions for a custom version.

Mohamed Bahaj - sample file.

Thomas Klausner - pkgsrc packager.

Jörg Sonnenberger - patch to fix a building problem for the new C++11.

Boubker - suggestions.

Alexey Loginov - suggestions.

_indianajones - suggestion.

russell - suggestion.

Nguyen Huu Tuyen - example files.

fromturkey - suggestion.

orange - Chinese Simplified translation.

Nguyễn Hữu Duyệt - example file.

Vanyo Georgiev - suggestion.

bharatstank - suggestion.

alxgudea - suggestion.

andrealva - suggestion.

dotosouza - suggestion.

Bob Hairgrove - suggestions.

James - Chinese Traditional translation.

Khalilullah Yosufi - suggestions.

mercurialuser - suggestions.

azaer - bug report.

chintu - suggestion.

khalafi - suggestion.

abdeljalil elghazoui - suggestion.

Mohamed NAJARI - suggestions.

youssouf - suggestion.

Pascal Cohen - French translation.

Asier Urio Larrea - Basque translation.

Pavel Fric - Czech translation.

Michel - bug report.

MilesM - suggestion.

adso - suggestions.

locutusofborg - bug reports.

Maouhoub - suggestion.

Andrea Primiani - Italian translation typos reported.

Marco Vassura - suggestion and code.

Luigi Valbonesi - suggestions.

fernandolordao - suggestion.

Wizard - suggestion.

ant7 - suggestion.

Lizio - suggestions.

Omar Ben Ali - suggestions for the Morocco custom version.

Nguyen Trong Hieu - help with the Vietnamese translation of the Algeria custom version.

Arsenio Stabile - suggestions.

Vangelis Karafillidis - suggestion.

Handaya - suggestions.

Sudharshan K M - example file.

Nataraj Urs H D - example file.

Alexandre R. Soares - Brazilian Portuguese translation.

hudrea - suggestions.

Udo Schütz - suggestions.

Jijo Jose - example file.

Fernando Poblete - suggestions.

Benahmed Abdelkrim - suggestion.

math user - suggestion.

ChicagoPianoTuner - suggestion.


daltinkurt - suggestion.

Léo-Paul Roch - suggestion.

Matthias Söllner - suggestion.

auriolar - suggestions.

Darren McDonald - suggestion.

wahyuamin - example file.

abautu - suggestions.

Jan Losinski - suggestions.

mrtvillaret - suggestion.

alienglow - suggestion.

noddy11 - suggestion.

JBoss - suggestion.

thanhnambkhn - suggestion.

Malamojka - bug report.

canhathuongnhau - suggestion.

Rodolfo Ribeiro Gomes - bug reports in the Brazilian Portuguese translation.

dasa - suggestion.

Julio González Gil - suggestion.

Abou - bug report.

bart.leyen - bug report.

math - suggestion.

s.lanore - suggestion.

Robinson A. Lemos - bug report.

Maurino C. Maria - bug report.

Valdo - bug report.

sigit_yuwono - suggestion.

S Chandrasekar - suggestion.

utismetis - suggestion.

Alexey Chernous - bug report.

Roberto Bergonzini - suggestion.

Thaneswer Patel - suggestion.

Emiliano Llano Díaz - Spanish translation.

mohammed - suggestion.

Taro Tada - Japanese translation.

V Paul C Charlesraj - suggestion.

Innocent De Marchi - bug reports.

Yakup Kadri Demirci - Turkish translation.

bachiri401 - suggestion.

francescotorres - example file.

aisse - suggestion.

svenvanhal - suggestion.

Coralie - suggestion, example file.

Diego Froner - suggestion.

pg788 - suggestion.

Dietmar Deuster - suggestions.

Ahmed Ben Hassan - bug report.

amin - suggestion.

Anthony Siaudeau - suggestions.

satellite2 - suggestion.

Jude G - suggestions.

Madas Pál - input files.

fourat - input file.

Nagendra - suggestion.

CarolStott - suggestion.

taxaza - ideas for the FET logo.

Christoph Voelker - suggestions.

Xingxing - bug report.

Ireri Venture - suggestion.

Henrique Belo - suggestion.

Luca - suggestion.

totera - suggestion.

astigol - suggestion.

dimzev - example file.

Zafar Allah Askar - suggestions, example files.

Lysso - example file.

Marco Diego Aurélio Mesquita - suggestion.

forstera - suggestion.

otman hashem - suggestion.

Ahmed El Hawary - suggestion.

Abdellah Sabri - suggestion.

khatou1973 - suggestion.

nachrach111 - suggestion.

Eric de Quartel - suggestion.

Pierre L'Ecuyer - permission to use the MRG32k3a random number generator.

Francesco Rizzo - suggestion.

Peter Johnson - suggestion/bug report.

bilal24 - suggestion.

Mohamed Ait Ichou - suggestions.

yassine bigman - suggestion.

Eric Carolus - example file.

Bouhadef - bug reports.

saidmechri - suggestion.

Med BENNIOU - suggestion.

mathmake - suggestions.

mikkojoo - suggestions.

samantha.goddard - suggestion.

lakhdar bezzit - suggestion.

Hiba Hadi - suggestions.

Marcus - example file.

Celia22 - suggestion.

Fiorellino - suggestions.

saladv - suggestion.

Fran - example file.

Nando - suggestions.

Adele - suggestion.

YOUSSEF HOUIET - bug report.

Khineche Kaddour - bug report.

ghani1990 - bug report.

Khelifi Fouad Mohssen - suggestion.

djm - suggestion.

hellal sofiane yazid - bug report.

Ziani Ben Alia - suggestion.

aroby - suggestion.

sasbland - suggestion.

NC - suggestion.

ben bacha sami - suggestions.

fartoto_dz2004 - suggestion.

Fritzlang - suggestion.

ncabello - suggestion.

Abdul Latif Al-Ablaq - bug report.

Hisham Abu Ferdous - bug report.

Ahmed Moullafi - bug report.

Phạm Văn Quyền Anh - Vietnamese translation.

Asen Pashov - Bulgarian translation.

TaughtWare - suggestion.

Arvind Kumar Agarwal - suggestions.

Bachir Sayah - suggestion.

Prof info - suggestion.

wldchtgmlcm - suggestion.

Ngọc Ngô Minh - suggestion.

Fred - suggestion.

wcmvusd - suggestion.

Ali Doussary - suggestion.

pgsrihr - suggestion.

Christian - suggestion.

jza3 - suggestion.

muhmath2023 - suggestions.

ayreon - suggestion.

Amine Bouhmad - suggestion.

Hocine Berrou - suggestion.

Thành Nam - suggestions.

Elbouche Mourad - suggestion.

Smail Smail - suggestion.

Abdelhakim Zoumar - suggestion.

attaciro - suggestion.

Moissa213 - suggestion.

Salvo2 - suggestion.

Sauro - suggestion.

Dao Anh Van - suggestion.

Abidine Premier - suggestion.

Imad - suggestions.

giardiniere - suggestion.

darkwindow - suggestion.

castonepatha - suggestion.

danghoan - suggestion.

victorcapel - suggestion.

Vũ Ngọc Thành - suggestion.

Neury Nunes Cardoso - suggestion.

wojgp - suggestion.

pnlshd - suggestion.

balacco - suggestion.

sebi1972 - suggestion.

Rouge Rosé - bug reports.

Daniele Rocci - suggestion.

ggscuola - suggestions.

Nelson Gomes - suggestions.

Crizalid - suggestion.

Drago - suggestion.

xtzetzias - suggestion.

pekuon - suggestion.

ygoldblatt - suggestion.

rozojc - suggestion.

Nikandros - suggestion.

geokom - suggestion.

sunnysolanki76 - suggestion.

gerry - bug reports.

Hristiyan Dimitrov - Bulgarian translation.

maxi_mus - suggestion.

Gênesis - suggestion.

GUEFFAZ REDA - bug report.

ogursoy - suggestion.

topposempre - suggestion.

aldo.f - suggestion.

activityum - example file.

vlaicumihnea - bug report.

TAHIR - suggestion.

Khafallah Oualid - bug report.

Ariel Thomás Rosero Peñaherrera - suggestions.

TongThanhKieu - suggestion.

youcef39 - suggestion.

http://www.2createawebsite.com/build/templates.html?freetemplates - free template for the FET homepage.