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Thien Lan Tran  10/03/21   00:43:09 Date
Message This is the best software for making timetable for high school. Thank you so much for creating it!

Poonam Pandey  05/03/21   02:36:43 Date
Message Excellent software Smile

Lucas  04/02/21   15:07:10 Date
Message Amazing work!

greetings from Brazil

Christos Papadopoulos  06/01/21   17:03:57 Date
Message Very good application... One thing I would like to have (in the printing section) is the creation of a page with all the teachers vertical, the days of the week horizontal (and the working hours) and in every line for every teacher the classes that he has. I could send you a photo of what i mean... thanks a lot again!

Timmi  03/11/20   15:49:09 Date
Message Greetings from Berlin.
Thank you so much for this software! It helps us a lot and makes life much easier.
Your work is highly appreciated!

Andre  28/10/20   18:23:32 Date
Message Great job developing this tool. It helped us a lot here in a brazilian public school. Best regards and thank you guys! Very happy

JohnK  24/10/20   18:57:23 Date
Message We need a scheduling program that can take the schedule of 130 + students and calculate the specific number of math classes (i.e. Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, etc.), English, Social Studies, etc.

It will need to assign students to a class (limit by seats) and then to Teachers who can teach this class.

Example let's say we need 5 Geometry Classes and there are only 2 Teachers on Staff who can teach this. Can the program suggest that they teach 5 and 0 classes, 4 and 1 classes, etc?

Jorge Zúñiga  04/10/20   21:25:58 Date
Message Gracias por tu extraordinario aporte, herramienta muy buena. Hemos podido resolver fácilmente muchas situaciones muy rápido.

Beppe  30/09/20   15:06:12 Date
Message Great Project!
Thanks a lot!
Fantastic!!!! Very happy Very happy Very happy

Marcus  27/09/20   05:47:40 Date
Message This is the only best free timetabling software for the world!!!!

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